Human Rights Professional Training Initiative

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (RWI), based at Lund University in Sweden and the Centre for Applied Legal Research (CALR) in Zimbabwe are implementing the Human Rights Professional Training Programme.

The programme aims to bring together representatives from government institutions, independent commissions, traditional leaders, academia, independent research centres and civil society organizations in Zimbabwe for a unique experience where they discuss and share experiences on key human rights issues and the application of human rights standards in practice.

The programme also seeks to contribute to participating institutions being better equipped to contribute to reforms and related initiatives for the promotion and protection of human rights and increased structured dialogue and joint initiatives between participating institutions.

The first Human Rights Professional Training programme was a general foundation course on human rights and the Zimbabwean constitution and was successfully conducted in 2016.

The second programme is currently being implemented with a direct focus on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

This will be followed by the third programme to start in September 2017 and is aimed at creating a learning platform and exchange of ideas from different institutions on the Protection of Vulnerable Groups.

Each programme is divided into three phases with the first and third phases being held in Harare.

The second phase is held in Sweden for two weeks and participants visit human rights institutions in Sweden to learn best practices.

The Human Rights Professional Programme forms part of a larger RWI programme whose overall objective is to contribute to enhanced enjoyment of constitutional rights in Zimbabwe, through legislation, policies, practices and decision making.

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