Constitutional Legislative Alignment Initiative

The Constitutional Legislative Alignment project is a joint initiative being implemented by CALR in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice Legal and Parliamentary Affairs (MoJLPA).

The initiative aims to provide technical and resource support to the MoJLPA and all relevant line ministries in the review of legislation for purposes of ensuring that the legislation they administer is consistent with provisions of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

This initiative has two main objectives namely:

i) to enhance the institutional capacity of the MoJLPA in coordinating the constitutional legislative alignment process; and

ii) to enhance the capacity of line ministries in reviewing laws, policies and administrative practices for compliance with the Constitution.

The Constitutional Legislative Alignment initiative provides technical legal research and drafting support to the relevant government of Zimbabwe ministries in various forms, which include:
• Operationalization of the Inter-Ministerial Taskforce on the alignment of laws with the Constitution
• Enhancing the institutional role of the Law Development Commission in the alignment of laws with the Constitution
• Provision of technical legal research and drafting support to line ministries holding stakeholder consultations
• Provision of advanced and continuous training of legislative drafters in the Attorney-General’s Office

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