Call for Papers under the theme: The Law and Elections

The Zimbabwe Rule of Law Journal

The Zimbabwe Rule of Law Journal is currently inviting manuscripts for publication in its third edition, which is scheduled to be published by July 2018.  This edition is running under the theme The Law and Elections.

The suggested topics for this special edition are:

  1. Legal and regulatory frameworks affecting elections in Zimbabwe (legislation, rules and procedure)
  2. Jurisprudence in election petitions in Zimbabwe
  3. Elections Managements Systems
  4. Election dispute resolution
  5. Diaspora vote: The Law and the Practicalities

The Zimbabwe Rule of Law Journal is a collaborative effort between the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) and the Centre for Applied Legal Research (CALR).

The Journal encourages the submission of a range of works on The Law and Elections from academics, legal practitioners, judicial officers and law students from Zimbabwe and abroad. We seek to publish contributions that provide new insights into this thematic area which will be of interest to a broad audience.

The Journal will focus on, inter alia:

  1. Review of decisions and judgments in Zimbabwe;
  2. Review of legislation, particularly new legislation;
  3. Review of international decisions/ judgments;
  4. Relevant jurisprudence from comparative jurisdictions such as South Africa, United Kingdom, Kenya and India.

Material to be accepted in the Journal will take the form of:

  1. Articles – Articles should provide a detailed/seminal analysis of the topic under discussion.
  2. Case Notes – Case Notes analyze a particular recent judgment (or judgments) of the courts. These can also be broadened to discuss any specific issue of legal interest
  3. Book reviews – Book reviews are critical discussions of scholarly books on any topic related to the law.

Submissions will only be considered if they demonstrate a sufficient connection with the topics of Constitutionalism and the Rule of Law in as far as these relate to Zimbabwe. The Journal does not accept submissions that focus on foreign domestic law unless they offer a comparative analysis or other substantial linkages with Zimbabwean or international law.

Author Guidelines

  1. Articles should be between 7,000 – 10,000 words (approximately 15-22 pages), including footnotes.
  2. The font size should be set at 11 and the font type is Verdana and line spacing is 1.15
  3. Choose one clear theme for your article and introduce it immediately when you begin the article.
  4. Each article must include an abstract and an introductory section.
  5. Closing paragraph: if the topic is broad, the last sentences of the article should relate to the topic.
  6. Use footnotes for referencing. The bibliography will be added to the online version, not in the print version.
  7. Include a short biography, which details your employment qualifications and contact details.

Review Process

All articles published in the Journal are anonymously peer-reviewed to comply with international norms and standards. The first draft will be read by the Peer Review Committee and sent back to the author with any comments for revision. A final draft will then be sent by the author for further review by the Peer Review Committee and the Editorial Board. The Editorial Board retains the right to leave out an article to ensure that quality and readership expectations are met in each edition of the Zimbabwe Rule of Law Journal.

The Journal is published both in printed and electronic versions.

The guidelines for contributors and the Journal Style Guide are available here.

The Papers should be submitted to:


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