Training Session for MoJLPA, MoPSLSW & IMT Website Admins

The Centre for Applied Legal Research working in collaboration with UNICEF Zimbabwe, and  backed by the EU-UN Spotlight Initiative Fund, has supported the development of three new websites for the following ministries, the:



On the 17th of February 2021, CALR and UNICEF Zimbabwe held a training session for the website administrators of these new websites. Representatives from each ministry were in attendance and were trained to manage the websites. The training covered, among other things, how to create website management policies for the ministries/departments and ensure the frequent uploading of content on the websites.


Additional instruction was provided on developing online strategies, user management and defining user roles, publishing and managing news articles, and multimedia skills (generating photographic material, generating videos).


The website managers were taught about the significance of using proper and appropriate tools to enhance website content as well as the effectiveness of digital cameras and modern phones to capture multimedia content for the websites. It was emphasised that because visuals are more appealing, it is important for the websites to have the best quality videos and images.

Websites are vital modern tools used to share information, and it is of paramount importance that this initiative came to fruition. The new websites will work as hubs of information, enabling public participation through gathering feedback from the public. The various interactive tools fused in the websites, such as the commentary section, will go a long way in ensuring real-time information dissemination by the government ministries and virtual communication with their audiences.


CALR working with UNICEF will continue to assist these ministries and the IMT to run and maintain the new websites.