PTP on The Equal Status and Human Rights of Women group set to implement their action plans

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights (RWI) working in collaboration with The Centre for Applied Legal Research (CALR) held a Professional Training Programme (PTP) in Human Rights at Cresta Lodge, Harare, Zimbabwe from the 11th of September to the 12th of September 2019.

The current group is trained under the theme; “Equal Status and Human Rights of Women”.

Participants of this Human Rights Training Programme presented their Action Plans which were mainly informed by what the participants learnt during Phase 1 in Harare and also from their experiences and lessons learnt during the study visit in Phase 2 which was held in Sweden.

It is important to highlight that almost all action plans had a common theme on equal status and women’s rights. One of the action plans presented was about ‘The protection of Women Rights on Communal Land with Specific Reference to the Girl Child (Woman) Inheritance’. The action plan seeks to raise awareness and ensure that women are included in inheritance issues in particular to land ownership.

Action Plans presented were centered on the nexus of women’s rights and human rights and various action plans seek to uplift women and place them at the center of socio-economic and cultural activities through different initiatives which are designed to empower women.

Further, a joint action plan titled, “Human Rights Awareness Raising and legal aid clinics in female prison”, was presented. The action plan seeks to raise awareness and promote the human rights and women’s rights discourse to inmates and offer legal aid services to female prisoners.  The action plan will be implemented at Shurugwi Female Prison by participants from two different state institutions and an independent commission. The action plan will involve the development of Information, Education and Communication material (IEC) which will be used to disseminate information about the rights of women and human rights. More so, participants intending to implement the action plan will teach and impart human rights knowledge to female inmates to ensure that they progressive realize their human rights whilst still in prison and also when they are re-integrated back into the society.

Recognize the dire need to craft gender sensitive legislation, a participant of the programme presented an action plan which seek to develop a Practical Guide on Gender Sensitive Legislation and Mainstreaming Gender in Legislative Reforms in Zimbabwe. The presenter indicated that there is no codified strategy in Zimbabwe to ensure gender mainstreaming in the legislative alignment process. As such, there was a need to capacity legislative drafters with guidelines that should be followed to mainstream gender issues when drafting legislation.

After presentation and reviewing of all the action plans, participants of the programme in the will go into their various communities and workplaces to implement their action plans and report back findings in Phase IV of the Professional Training Programme.