IMT holds inaugural meeting with Parliament of Zimbabwe

The IMT held a meeting with the Parliament of Zimbabwe on the 17th of August 2017.  Some of the notable persons that were in attendance of the meeting were the Chairperson of the IMT – the Attorney General of the Republic of Zimbabwe, the Deputy Attorney General of the Republic of Zimbabwe, the Director of Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs in the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, the Executive Director of the Centre for Applied Legal Research as well as the Clerk of the Parliament of Zimbabwe and his team.

The purpose of the meeting was to enable the IMT to provide the Clerk of the Parliament of Zimbabwe and his team with information pertaining to the legislative alignment process, including the background to the establishment of the IMT, an outline of the mandate and functions of the IMT, the structure of the IMT, the activities of the IMT and an update on the status of the legislative alignment process.  The meeting was also aimed at sharing some of the challenges of the legislative alignment process; including the slow pace of the legislative alignment process which is largely caused by the lack of a statutory enforcement mechanism which empowers the IMT to compel Line Ministries to initiate and complete the required legislative reforms.  The meeting further discussed the experiences of other jurisdictions which have gone through a similar process, in a bid to identify some best practices and to ascertain whether these could be replicated in the Zimbabwean context.

The meeting resolved that there was an urgent need for the IMT to continuously engage with Members of Parliament to update them on the progress made and challenges being faced in the legislative alignment process.