Efforts to align the Electoral Act with the Constitution Underway

The Inter-Ministerial Taskforce on the Alignment of Legislation to the Constitution (IMT) held a drafting workshop on the alignment of the Electoral Act with the Constitution.

The drafting workshop (writeshop) ran from the 13th to the 16th of December 2021, in Mutare.

The IMT is supported by The Centre for Applied Legal Research (CALR) and the Delegation of the European Union to Zimbabwe (EU).

Representatives drawn from the government (Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs & the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) as well as from Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission, Zimbabwe Election Support Network, Election Resource Centre of Zimbabwe, Youth Empowerment Transformation Trust, Deaf Trust, Women’s Academy for Leadership and Political Excellence were amongst stakeholders invited.

Stakeholder’s peer reviewed a draft Electoral Amendment Bill, in efforts to come with an Electoral law which is in consistent with the Constitution.

A writeshop is a platform where the IMT led by the Attorney General’s Office convene and hold workshops inviting stakeholders from the academia, independent commissions, civil society organisations (CSOs), government ministries and departments to develop draft bills which are consistent with the constitution.

The IMT will come up with an amendment bill which the Drafting Division of the AG’s Office refines and share with the instructing ministry and later submit to the Cabinet Committee on Legislation. In this case, the instructing ministry is the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs.

The IMT held an inclusive writeshop in efforts to formulate a law which has input from a wide and diverse pool of people, CSOs are invited as part of interested technocrats who will aid in the development of an amendment bill.