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Legal knowledge generation activities aims to get the right legal knowledge to the right people.
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CALR takes a holistic view of the legal complex processes that affect human security and development.
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CALR provides evidence-based research and legal advisory services on developmental law issues to targeted clients.

Consultancy Opportunity: Human Resources experts


The Centre for Applied Legal Research (CALR) is an independent research institute that empowers people, organizations and governments with sound and evidence-based legal and policy solutions and services that enhance development. CALR seeks to ensure that the law is utilized to respond to everyday societal challenges.

CALR offers legal expertise, resources, tools and technical support to governments, developmental partners, and civil society organizations. Its work links the law (as it is and as it ought to be) with developmental needs across the multiple sectors of a country’s economy. In this manner its inter-disciplinary work revolves around two thematic areas, namely: (a) Law, Economics and Science; and (b) Law, Democracy and Governance

Scope of Work

CALR is seeking the services of Human Resources experts to conduct a Human Capital Evaluation for the organisation. This will include reviewing existing HR policies and procedures, comparing the same with like organisations and making recommendations for improvement and best practices. In doing so the consultant is expected to conduct a market survey of comparator organisations. This will also entail reviewing each position within the organisation and establishing fair relative value of jobs based on fair judgement and thus design an equitable and sound job grading and remuneration structure comparable to prevailing market rates. The Consultant is also required to research social security options (e.g. medical aid insurance, life and disability insurance) available in Zimbabwe and make recommendations on reliable and suitable options.

Expected Outputs

  1. Structured salary scale and job grading
  2. A consolidated up to date HR Procedure Manual
  3. A modern performance appraisal tool
  4. To build capacity and develop training material
  5. A report of benefits offered by comparator organisations
  6. Consolidated report on findings in a concise report
  7. Submit working papers, materials, tools, background information that formed the basis of findings and recommendations

The consultant must complete the project within 14 days of awarding of contract

Qualifications and experience

  1. Minimum University Degree in Business or Public Administration, Human Resources Management or related field
  2. At least 5 years’ experience in conducting labour market surveys
  3. Familiarity of the labour market in Zimbabwe

Suitably qualified consultants are invited to submit proposals, as per the scope of work indicated above. Proposals should be sent to admin@ca-lr.org Electronic submissions are preferred but hard copies can be submitted to Number 12 Ashton Road, Alexandra Park, Harare. Proposals should include the following;

  1. Company profile (for firms)
  2. CVs of consultants
  3. Indication of previous similar assignments
  4. Proposed methodology
  5. Detailed cost estimate and payment schedule
  6. Three contactable referees

Closing date of applications is Friday, the 27th of January 2017 at 1400 hrs

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